We hope you enjoy our Motorsports images. They are a collaboration of me shooting and Mirta working her magic in Photoshop to give the images a dramatic colorful look.

We also specialize in car portraits, some of our Clients are car collectors or weekend racers, mostly in the Porsche community that have us photograph their cars and make beautiful, large metal "garage art" prints. In my opinion, glossy metal prints are the best medium when it comes to car images.

F1 Vintage Williams Car
Porsche Club Racing Photographer
Classic Mercedes Roadster
Niki Lauda at F1 LBGP Pits
First R (Racing) Porsche Photographer
PCA Los Angeles Porsche Concours d'Elegance Photographer
F1 driver Emerson Fittipaldi
Auto-X Photography at El Toro, CA
Autocross Event Photography
Porsche Racing Photographer
James Hunt F1 Driver
Ducktail Porsche 911
Modified Porsche Race Car with Wing
Porsche Turbo Carrera Photographer
Porsche 911 Turbo Photography
Motorsports Photographer
Porsche Style Image
Old El Toro Marine Base Auto X Track Images

As you can see, the racing images above span a long time in automotive racing, starting with what I consider the golden age of F1 Racing (just my opinion of course), the days of Lauda and Hunt, when the cars were not computers with a gas tank on wheels ... 🏎

I still love photographing cars, moving or not; especially Porsches, I know that photographing sports, specially auto racing, has made me a better all around photographer, since moving subjects force photographers to hone our craft and master techniques like panning, accurate framing, anticipating action and being aware of what's happening around you at all times The better a photographer is at any one thing, the better he or she is at all the rest.

If you have an interesting car and want photos, call me! A fun car shoot is my weakness 😎