Niki Lauda at F1 LBGP Pits
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Niki Lauda at F1 LBGP Pits

This image of top driver Niki Lauda was captured during a Long Beach Grand Prix Formula 1 race weekend. It was obviously taken after Niki’s horrific crash during the 1976 Nurburgring F1 race. That he survived the crash, let alone returned to the sport winning multiple championships is pretty miraculous. For those of us who consider him the best all around F1 driver in the history of the sport, it only solidifies our strong opinion of his legacy.

While F1 cars are much safer and protective gear more efficient these days, which means there are less fatal accidents, the cars do go faster so it’s still a very dangerous sport. Fans are aware of this and that element of danger certainly adds to the excitement of watching--but everyone is relieved when our heroes are safe and around to drive another day. It was certainly a thrill to be able to photograph one that day.

Location: Long Beach, CA.