James Hunt F1 Driver
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James Hunt F1 Driver

It's an honor to get to bring my photography skills to such a thrilling motorsports event like the Long Beach Grand Prix Formula 1 Race. As a genuine fan of the sport, and a car enthusiast, I feel lucky that I get to experience the racetrack in such a personal way, documenting the amazing skills that the drivers possess, and the risks they take being involved in such a dangerous pursuit.

No doubt Ron Howard felt a similar curiosity for this story when he directed "Rush", an film about James Hunt, pictured here, and his rivalry/friendship with Niki Lauda, another hero of the Formula1world who was also present that day. Fans should definitely check out the movie if they haven't already...having been around these two men just a few few times, and the cars and environment of those days, I think the film is very accurate in depicting various facets of the F1 world. For those that can't make it to an actual race, it's a great way to get a glimpse of the tension and excitement that is palpable at events like this one.

Location: Long Beach, CA.