James Hunt Formula 1 Image
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James Hunt Formula 1 Image

This image shows an overhead perspective of the cockpit of James Hunt’s Wolf Formula 1 car at the Long Beach Grand Prix in California. James’ iconic helmet, with his name in bold white block lettering and three bands of red, blue and yellow (representing Wellington College in Berkshire) can be seen on the seat along with his driving gloves. This type of image can only be captured in the Pit area of an F1 race, usually on Friday during the slightly more relaxed “practice” sessions. This is when each team fine tunes their two cars for the specific conditions of a race track, which is especially important on street courses (like most F1 races were at this time). This practice day is essential, as the drivers need to reacquaint themselves with the course for the next day’s qualifying sessions, when all the important starting positions are determined.

Location: Long Beach, CA.