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Studio or on Location, in Orange and Los Angeles Counties

Our clients manufacture or distribute a wide variety of products and they choose Barnet Photography for top quality images that allow their customers to appreciate the quality, versatility, variety and details of the items they sell. As experienced product photographers, we will work with you to showcase your product so it outdoes your competition. We would love the opportunity to help you sell your product!

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Barnet Photography is a Premier Product Photographer in the Los Angeles /Orange County Area

We love photographing products! Earlier in Joe's career, he spent 10 years as Senior Photographer at Rockwell International, assigned to the B1-B Bomber, the Space Shuttle Program, the GPS program and several other Aerospace related projects. A large part of his duties was photographing product; from a completed B1-B aircraft on the tarmac at sunrise, to very small parts that went into GPS satellites in the studio.

The enjoyable part of product photography for us, as opposed to photographing an event or a portrait, is that we have the time to pay attention to small details. This is very important because someone interested in purchasing your product will spend time scrutinizing photos of the items they are considering. It's very important for us to make your products look their best and for our finished photographs to show the viewer as much positive information about the item as possible.

Many of the items we photograph will be purchased after only reading a description and looking at a photograph online. It's our job to compel the shopper to purchase our client's product.

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