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Top Orange County Product Photography

At Barnet Photography we specialize in product photography and we are one of the leading product photography studios in Orange County. Our main goal in product photography is to show our client’s product in the best light possible (pun intended).

Safety equipment can be a challenging thing to photograph, especially when you want to show the shape of a heavy-duty harness. But with our experience and creativity, we built a custom structure on which to make the image appear that it was floating. There are many other “tricks of the trade” used here, during the shoot and in post production, but always keeping in mind that the product needs to look exactly as it really is. Nothing must be made to look different than it really is, including the color.

There are two sides to good product photography. First, no matter how interesting or mundane the product is, it must look appealing to the viewer, whether it’s a sports car or a floor mop. The target audience of product photography usually has already made the decision to purchase, or at least consider a future purchase of the item. As a top product photographer serving Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, our job is to make our client’s product the one a shopper wants to find out more about.

The second goal of product photography is to render the product in a way that it can be seen well by the viewer. This sounds obvious, but it’s not. All the important parts and features of the item must be visible and well lit, especially those that set it apart from other similar products, perhaps sold at a lower price. And when only one photo of a product is shown, it should leave few or no questions unanswered as to exactly what the product is, what it does, the build, quality, the comfort, etc.

Our attention to detail make us a valuable part of the team when photographing our client’s products.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.