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Location Product Photographer

This is a great example of our product photography done outdoors, on location. When photographing colorful items, especially clothing and shoes by themselves (without models) it's very important to get accurate color rendition. When color correcting the image in post, if there is a model, the model's flesh tone can help to get all the colors right. If the model's skin looks accurate, usually the rest of the colors in the image will too. However, if there is no model, like in this image, we have to have the actual item handy to make sure the colors are true to life.

Alternatively, we can also photograph a color chart next to the product before we start shooting, and every time we change lighting, background or location. This is especially important if natural light plays a role. If we're shooting outdoors using sunlight, and a cloud gets in the way or time passes, the color temperature of the light will change.

At Barnet Photography, we understand the potential challenges of shooting product outdoors and we are experts in representing items accurately for websites and advertising.