Skin Care Line Photography
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Skin Care Line Photography

We at Barnet Photography are experienced at capturing images of many different types of products that come in a series, like this offering from a skin care line. When we know that we will be responsible for photographing not only single items, but groupings of them, we make sure to preserve consistency from set up to set up. Each image needs to be lit appropriately for the angle, where the reflection will fall and the direction of the light. All in all, they need to be a collection of images that work together in harmony to best showcase the product line as a whole.

For this session we used glossy plexiglass as a surface to create a subtle reflection under each bottle. Not only is the a visually interesting way of showcasing product, it also lends an air that the product is being displayed for the shopper in a high end store, or is perched on their clean bathroom counter at home. That sort of visualization makes for an enticing, pleasing shopping experience for customers, which leads to higher sales.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.