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Professional Product Photographers

Barnet Photography has been serving the Orange County and Los Angeles areas for over 20 years and are well respected as professional product photographers.

We specialize in photographing a wide variety of products in a wide range of industries. Photographing clear items such as this reservoir used for respiratory therapy can be challenging. We photographed this item on a tabletop set lit by several large soft boxes to create even lighting, without unwanted reflections. Large studio strobes are used in the soft boxes and are preferred for this type of work for the ability to get a large depth of focus and sharp images.

These lights also have built-in “modeling lights” that allow us to see precisely where reflections and shadows will appear in the final shot. They are very useful and save lots of time when creating the set and positioning the items to be photographed. It may seem that product photography is boring and that a photographer would prefer to do anything but. This could not be further from the truth, if you are an experienced product photographer, that is.

This item was photographed by Barnet Photography as part of a Product Photography assignment at our Studio in Santa Ana, California for a medical equipment manufacturer. We often are asked to photograph products that are parts of larger items or devices, mainly in the Health Care Industry.

Some of the items we photograph are not very exciting, but the challenge of making something not exciting look great, is fun for us. We always remember that the person looking for a plastic round container to go into a larger piece of life saving medical equipment, will appreciate that our photographs allowed them to make the right choice.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.