Jewelry Product Photography
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Jewelry Product Photography

Jewelry tends to be so lovely, which is why its one of our favorite products to shoot at our Costa Mesa photography studio. Ladies love a little addition of shine and texture to their look, but these things can also add challenges to photographing jewelry. To avoid any distracting reflections, we brought in large, light soft boxes very closely. Knowing how to light product is key for a successful photo session and great looking images.

Here we chose to show both the gold and silver clasp/charm options on these freshwater pearl bracelets in one image. But as with most product sessions where there are multiple items in one line, we also shot individual images of each so customers inclined toward one or the other can get a great view of their choice on its own. We have all the bases covered for our clients to be able to sell their wares effectively and make the experience user friendly for potential buyers.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.