Product Photography White Background
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Product Photography White Background

Many of Barnet Photography Product Photography clients need their images photographed on white backgrounds in order for the image to be clipped. Sometimes green or blue backgrounds are used, but in this case, white was the only choice since part of the product includes a see through container.

This product, composed mostly of high gloss, black and semitransparent plastics, is used with a hose to dispense our client’s desalinating liquid product. The photographic challenge was to depict shadow and highlight areas in the black plastic and the very light reservoir in the same image, well enough to look good on a screen or in a printed flier.

This final image a composite, made of several images depicting each area of the product accurately. It was also important to for the measurement markings on the clear reservoir to show clearly, so this area was given more contrast and composited on the final image you see here. Even though Barnet Photography uses high megapixel cameras that produce wide dynamic range images to photograph high quality product photography assignments, we have to make sure we show detail in all parts of a product, especially when we can’t control the monitor a digital image will be viewed on by the consumer, or the quality of printed material handed out at a trade show.

This image was photographed at our studio and was used for the client’s website as well as their printed catalog, which is a crucial marketing piece for them