Outdoor athletic footwear photography
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Outdoor athletic footwear photography

SNKR Project is a client whose product we usually shoot in studio, but this particular session ended up being an environmental one, outdoors at a local park.

While seeing a standalone product against a neutral background is a clear, effective way to view it on a website, sometimes when it is photographed in a location where it will be used, is the most evocative way to peak a potential customer's interest.

This particular shoe blends the athletic functionality of a hiking shoe with the fashionable touches of a city sneaker, which is a great selling point. This image shows how it could be worn on a nature walk, while the natural elements and color palette of the setting bring out the blues and browns of the shoe. The very cool addition of a zipper to the footwear makes it unique, while the brown suede trim looks both rugged and luxurious. The blurring of the background maintains gives a great sense of place while making sure that the shoes are front and center to any viewer.

What great inspiration to get out into nature and look fantastic doing it!