Industrial Product Photographers
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Industrial Product Photographers

Knowing our client’s needs and target audience allows us, as leading product photographers in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas, to help our commercial and industrial clients create effective images to grow their business.

This is a “macro image” photographed with a 105mm macro lens with even lighting provided by one main light and several silver and white reflectors. This client manufactures circuit boards, in all sizes and shapes and ready to receive the various electronic components their clients choose to include in their products. This image, along with many others depicting the process in various stages, was used in a business-to-business advertising brochure.

Business-to-business advertising tends to be more limited, and in this case, more technical than advertising aimed to consumers. The purchasers of this product are basically purchasing materials to create their products to sell or distribute. The copy accompanying these images was very technical with an emphasis on costs.

Barnet Photography can also recommend to our product photography clients, as we did in this case, excellent graphic designers that will help them bring their vision to life. When a graphic designer is on board at the beginning of a project and we are working with an art director, the photography is more focused on the items to be photographed, the angles, etc. and usually less expensive.