Beauty Product Photography Orange County
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Beauty Product Photography Orange County

Clean and elegant product photography is certainly a thing of beauty, and it's something we do best at Barnet Photography. This white jar of luxurious cleanser was placed on white plexiglass and the result was a slight reflection. Some people think that all reflections are a bad thing in photography, but that is certainly not always the case! Here it adds dimension and style to the mostly white palette. Additionally, This jar has a glossy finish, enhanced by the reflection of the large studio softbox we used to light the product at the center of the lid. Removing this reflection or highlight would make the finish of the container dull, which of course is not at all what we want.

Shooting white products on white backgrounds might be challenging for some, but we have lots of experience with set ups like these. For those companies seeking this clean, simple look, we can deliver the aesthetic while still making sure that the items really pop.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.