Los Angeles Food Photography
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Los Angeles Food Photography

Food Photography done on location at a FishBonz restaurant in Torrance, CA. When working with food, care must be taken so that all the items look appetizing. They have to come from the kitchen to the set without delay.

There are many, many "tricks of the trade" in food photography, so much so that in many cases, food stylists are hired to work with the client and photographer to make sure everything looks perfect. There are many different styles, or approaches to food photography. Sometimes we photograph complete entrees like this image to be used in a menu or menu board (usually TV monitors) at a restaurant and other times it's one isolated item or an extreme close up of a plate with little depth of field (area in focus). These would mainly be for an ad or to illustrate rather than inform.

We usually work on location at the restaurant and can photograph during the day, during business hours off to the side, or after closing. When we photograph at night, we bring enough light to give the items a daytime appearance, as was done in this photo.

Location: Los Angeles, CA.