Telecommunication Product Photography Orange County
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Telecommunication Product Photography Orange County

In our Orange County Studio, Barnet Photography has been shooting all manner of products, from apparel to skincare to telecommunication devices like these for many years. With so many cords, external drives and plugs to contend with in our offices, it's no wonder that companies like Kumo are making elegant, cleanly designed products that not only don't add to desk clutter, but make a workspace looks stylish and modern.

In order to let this product speak for itself, we shot it against a backdrop of white seamless paper, one of our tried and true methods in this genre of photography. Luckily the off-white of the product, combined with lighting the scene properly, means that the item itself doesn't just blend into its surroundings. We pride ourselves on having the years of experience and technical know how to provide our clients the images that will show their products off in the most effective ways.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.