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Industrial Product Photography Orange County

These steel snap hooks are an example of the product photography we do for industrial grade products. This is a closeup we photographed in addition to photographing the entire object. Often we photograph extra images of close up parts of items, on our own, and add them to the password protected, online gallery our product photography clients receive to choose the images they want us to work up. We do this to include options that may be useful to the client for a brochure or catalogue.

We photographed this product with enough light to show all the important details on the black metal and the rivets. It was also important not to have any distracting shadows or highlights. This can be tricky, but with our years of experience, we know how to light any object. Photographing it on a white background allowed it to be clipped in post production.

When we work with small businesses or manufacturers, especially if they don’t have an art director on the project, they rely on us to help them with background choices, groupings, angles, etc. We are always happy to do that, especially if we are photographing common, everyday items everyone is familiar with, but when it comes to technical or unusual items, we always make sure to photograph the item in an easy way to understand how the product can be used.

We photographed this close up of the hooks on a safety lanyard at our studio in Orange County California. Barnet Photography specializes in Product Photography and we operate mainly in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas.