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Orange County Candy Photographer

Barnet Photography is an Orange County based studio with extensive experience in candy photography.

Our product photography rates, including all types of food, are very reasonable. We offer our clients the flexibility to do the work at our studio or at our client’s location. In the case of prepared and plated food, we usually set up at our client’s locations, mostly restaurants. This particular image of candy in a square, porcelain deep dish was made at our studio for a client that creates very nicely packaged personal gift items.

Some products are photographed on a clean white background, others like plated food are photographed on a table surface that may include a wide variety of accessory items like flatware, napkins, etc. We work with our clients to create the look necessary for their food photography, whether the image will be displayed on a restaurant menu or a TV monitor behind the counter of a fast food restaurant.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.