Product Photographer Orange County, CA
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Product Photographer Orange County, CA

Product photography of translucent bottles can be a challenge, but our expertise in knowing how to photograph these items keeps our clients coming back to our studio in Orange County, CA.

These three similar bottles are transparent, and there is lots or writing on the back. We needed to capture the image in a way that the brand name in the front did not compete with the writing in the back making the name difficult to read. The back copy could have been blurred out in post, but this would have been time consuming and would not look as good.

By using a very shallow area of focus, the front was very sharp and the back of the bottle was out of focus. This allowed the wording of the front to really pop. Another exposure with a wider area of focus was made for the tops of the bottles, and the two exposures were blended in post. By photographing these bottles on white plexiglass, we were able to make a reflection for a more high end look,

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.