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Product Photographers Southern California

We love being photographers in Southern California, where there are so many creative people in business. Square Root, best knows for creating some of the most stunning floral designs for events in the area, have a secondary business called Bouquet Bar, a gifting company that makes customizable boxes that feature a combination of various little goodies for the recipient. We love the idea of being able to send a present that will be wonderful surprise to the person who gets it. We all expect to get flowers, or chocolate, or luxurious lotion--but to get an unexpected bundle of all three is so much fun.

We photographed two boxes side by side to show the variety that can be achieved with the product. For the more whimsical recipient, a brightly colored box featuring a centerpiece of a Gerber Daisy. For the more subdued type, a black box with a low maintenance succulent. And the great thing about this product is that you can mix and match for the person who defies categorization. After collaborating for year with Square Root for our event photography, it was truly a pleasure and an honor to be asked to create images that would do justice to this fantastic concept.

Product Photography of gift boxes customizable to contain a variety of small gift items. Photographed in studio by Barnet Photography in Costa Mesa, CA for Bouquet Bar, a gifting company and a division of Square Root

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.