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Family Portrait Photography in Los Angeles and Orange Counties

Life happens and the kids grow up so fast! Before you know it, they are in middle school, high school and then off to college! We recommend a family portrait session once a year or at least every 3 years to document your family's growth. Once the kids are all grown up it is too late, so don't let the years pass you by without making precious memories.

A family portrait session is a very important occasion. It is our job to make everyone look their best.

Click here to see some examples of some of our favorite family portraits.

We will help you plan your session with a wardrobe and makeup consultation, in person or on the phone, and help you select the location. This consultation is very helpful because we can show you different examples of family groups, often at the location where we will photograph your family.

The right wardrobe and makeup make a very big difference in the final product. Many Clients text us photos of the outfits they plan to wear so we can offer suggestions.


• Women: The camera tends to "not see" some of your makeup, so for best results, you should apply your makeup as if you were attending a formal evening event, even if the portrait is to be done outdoors during the day. That being said, you should feel comfortable with your makeup and the way you look. We can refer you to a makeup artist to come to the session and touch up everyone that wants it.

• Men: Make sure your hair is combed. If you are getting a haircut, wait a couple of days before the session so your hair has time to settle, and make sure you shave or trim your beard as you want it to look in your portraits.


• Wear colors that are similar in density. Have your group all wear darker clothing, medium tones or lighter clothing. Having everyone in light clothing and one person wearing a dark color (or vice versa) would make the viewer's eye go to that person first and can make the group portrait unbalanced.

• Wearing colors darker than your skin tone is always flattering. Not everyone needs to wear the same colors, but too many colors can be distracting. When wearing different colors, they should complement each other (look good together) and be in the same tonal range.

• Pick solid colors over prints or plaids (keeps the attention to the faces, not the clothing).

• When working with a large family, we first photograph the largest group and then as may subgroups as requested, including individuals. We always try to work with the little ones as soon as possible, because they have a shorter attention span.

Here are some examples of what our past clients have worn that worked well:

Family Portrait at USC Campus

Maternity Session in Park PhotographyFamily portrait in garden with dark clothing

Family Portraits with Horses

Beach Family Portrait Photographer, Orange County

Maternity Photographer Los Angeles

Family Portrait Photographer


• A password protected, online gallery is created for you to see your photos. You can share this gallery with family and friends.

• You are welcome to come to our studio to choose the images you want to purchase as fully retouched and custom printed wall canvases, framed photographs and gift prints. We can also order directly from the shopping cart within your gallery.

Any product that is ordered from your session will be fully retouched. We also offer sessions that include the edited digital files.

Your family portrait will live on for generations and will be enjoyed by your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and on and on. You get the picture, right?