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We are Joe and Mirta Barnet and together we make up

Barnet Photography.

We are portrait photographers serving the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas. We specialize in high quality business headshots and business portraits.

What is a Business Headshot?

A business headshot is a close up photograph of head and shoulders and is usually photographed on a white or light gray seamless paper or a studio background. It's mostly used for LinkedIn, on a website's "bio" section, press releases, on organizational charts, for resumes, and other uses where a likeness of the individual is needed. These images have a clean, contemporary look and the subjects mostly wear formal or casual business attire. Makeup should fit well in business environment and choice of wardrobe should be solid colors that are darker than the subject’s skin tone. Where headshots will be displayed should be considered when choosing the background. If there will be several uses, we suggest a light gray background. If the headshot will be used on a website with a white background, having a white background on the photograph would not separate the image from the background. We can change the background color of headshots in post production, but choosing what works best from the beginning is much more cost effective.

What is a Business Portrait?

A formal executive business portrait is a little more involved than a headshot, and mostly reserved for the leaders of a business; these are done on a painted canvas studio background or environmentally. Lighting is usually a bit more dramatic and more of the subject is usually visible.

We at Barnet Photography create headshots and portraits for many of our Clients. We can have those who need photos come to our studio in Costa Mesa, but we mostly go to our Clients location and set up a portable studio with background and lighting, especially if many individuals and, or groups, will be photographed. We are happy to suggest wardrobe selections and can arrange for a makeup artist to come in to touch up those who want it.

Environmental portraits of individuals or groups are usually photographed at our Clients places of business with a background that relates to what the Company does, or in outdoor environmental locations.