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We can photograph business headshots and business portraits at our studio, but more often we do them at our clients' location because it's more convenient for them.


$295.00 - Individual business headshot or portrait with studio background or at an environmental location in Los Angeles and Orange County. Includes up to a 1/2 hour session with one wardrobe change if desired and 1 retouched, full resolution digital file delivered electronically. Additional retouched digital files are $45.00 each.

Additional persons at the same session and location: $125 each.

Additional persons at the same session in a different location: $175 each.

Special pricing can be quoted for 20 or more people.

$300.00 - Theatrical / Performer Headshots. Includes a 1 hour studio session with 1 wardrobe change and 2 retouched digital files.

After the session we set up a password protected online gallery for clients to choose their favorite images to be retouched.

There may be a travel fee for locations outside a 50 mile radius of Pasadena.

There are substantial discounts if multiple, individual subjects are to be photographed on the same visit.

There is no extra charge to photograph small groups in the same location, but retouching of several heads in the same image is $10.00 for each additional head.

There may be a small charge for very large groups photographed environmentally if special lighting needs to be set up. Large groups generally do not need facial retouching because individual heads are small.

California sales tax does not apply when the images are delivered electronically, as downloads.

A business headshot is usually done with a studio background and studio lighting. The most popular backgrounds are white, light gray or light blue (other colors are available) and we use a background light to make the color slightly lighter at the bottom and a little darker at the top for a more "finished" look. Your headshots will look very professional and uniform even if done on location. All we require is an indoor location and an electrical outlet. Even if we don't have electricity, we can use battery operated studio lighting.

We can also photograph headshots environmentally (no studio background), indoors or outdoors, with a pleasing natural or architectural background, or something that relates to the company, or location involved. Environmental headshots can take 1 or 2 minutes longer per subject, depending on background, natural light available, etc.

Unless we are "matching" existing headshots of other staff, we recommend a light gray background because it goes with any colors used in a website or printed materials. White is good too, but if the background of a website or printed page is white, the photo will have no borders and the subject will look as if floating on the page. For the clients that want a white background, web designers can add a thin key-line around the photo to give it a border.

When we do headshots, especially on location, we often do a large number of company associates, so it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to work with one person; that includes checking hair (we always have a mirror) blotting the face slightly if needed, arranging clothing and posing. We pose in a natural relaxed way and take enough photos to make sure we have a few good ones; with a variety of smiles and expressions.

Business portraits are are similar to headshots, except that they tend to be a bit more formal and crafted. We may use a more formal, painted canvas, studio background, more dramatic lighting, take in a little more of the subject, maybe a 3/4 standing pose, and very often an environmental background is used. For a business portrait the subjects tend to be more formally dressed than in a headshot but other than these differences, portrait and headshots are similar. We often will do environmental or studio portraits for the top executives of a business, and headshots for the rest of the staff.