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“The smaller your subjects are in the image, the larger wall art they’ll purchase…”

This happens to be true! If you want to sell wall art, like canvas wraps and large metal prints, you should strive to create scenic images, beautiful landscapes, dramatic architectural images, etc... That your subjects happen to be in. Clients have told us that they would feel self conscious displaying large portraits where their faces are life size. Closeups are fine for framed 5×7 and 8×10 desk or mantel print, but not for wall art...

In addition to posing and directing, when photographing a couple, we like to make them laugh, get them to relax and be themselves... This requires verbal communication. So If you’re shooting from far away, how do you communicate with your clients? Especially in a public place... I use my cell phone.

In the image above, the couple’s cell phone was behind them, on speaker mode, so they were able to hear every word I said.

I’m about 65 yards away with a 70-200 at 200mm. The image was cropped in a little.

I always make sure the shirts I wear when shooting have a pocket, I put my iPhone in upside down, on speaker mode, and I have the couple place their phone in speaker mode where they can hear me. This way, as I look through the camera, I’m speaking into the phone, and if they have their phone on them, on the ground, behind an object, etc. they can hear me perfectly… Even if it’s a walking shot, I can communicate with them…

Here, the couple’s phone was on top of the right from tire of the car. I was shooting from across a wide and very busy street in down town Los Angeles with a 70-200. I had to wait for a break in traffic and pedestrians at the same time.

We got lucky wit a little breeze at the right time.

Even with walking shots the phones work great! Many times when we do walking shots the couple looks towards the camera, especially if you’re talking to them (or yelling at them). I like to have them alternate from holding hands, to putting their arms around each other, maybe stop and kiss, etc. There’s no way you can get them to do this without being able to communicate.

So there you have it! Give it a try and see if this simple technique works for you!