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E-Commerce Product Photography

We've seen so many great ideas from the clients we do product photography for at our Costa Mesa studio. Bouquet Bar is a gifting company that sells customizable gifts with a variety of components, all in stylish boxes nestled in a beautiful large box. For presentation points alone it wins hands down against other, more run-of-the-mill gift delivery services-- and because of its pleasing aesthetic, it was extra fun for us to shoot.

This image features one of the large boxes on offer, which is a great way to showcase the variety of contents one could choose from while on the site. It also shows the branding on the outer box, as well as the bands around each little box containing the goodies--which is handy for the client when people search gift boxes on Google Images and need to identify the company in a sea of other pictures. We also love how the bright orange of the box is nicely offset by the white liner. When clients put this much thought into their presentation, we take equal care to make sure it all shows up beautifully in our images.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.