Fashion Photographer Orange County
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Fashion Photographer Orange County

Fashion product photography of Collegiate "Tailgate Wear" photographed at Barnet Photography studio in Costa Mesa for Hype and Vice, a sports wear manufacturer specializing in College related apparel.

This is a catalogue image done in studio as part of a long day assignment. In this case we had three models so we could photograph one or two at the same time while the other(s) was changing into a different outfit. Having a stylist is crucial for this type of fast fashion e-commerce photography. It takes a team of at least four or five people, not including the model, to do this kind of assignment correctly without having major issues to address in post production. We always shoot product, and especially fashion, "tethered". This means that the camera is connected by wire to a large TV monitor or to a computer for both us and the client to see how the images are looking and address any issues before we move on to the next item.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.