High End Product Photography Orange County
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High End Product Photography Orange County

Orange County based Barnet Photography has a lot of experience working with high end clients and their product. Trendy online company Bouquet Bar trusted us with capturing the details of their customizable gift boxes--which was a lot of fun...but not without its challenges, like avoiding seeing reflections on the clear plastic lids. Luckily, with our expert lighting know-how everything came out perfectly. We used white seamless paper and we preserved the original shadow so no "clipping" was needed. This gives a three dimensionality to the image and makes it seem like the goodies are resting right in front of the viewer.

We recognize the time and effort it takes to realize a creative vision, and that's why we make sure that no detail is lost when we photograph product. For an industry like this, where first visual impressions are key, collaborating with an experienced product photography team is essential.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.