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Orange County Product Photographers

Many clients in Orange County trust Barnet Photography to be their product photographers. With over 20 years of experience, we are seasoned professionals who work well with businesses and photograph their products for their marketing collateral, website and social media.

This adjustable, shock-absorbing lanyard was photographed at our studio in Santa Ana and needed to be photographed in a very specific way for the client’s catalog and website. Every item had to have the strap going in the same direction and with the same bend. This was not easy because the lanyard is made with very thick, tightly woven nylon. With strategic use of fishing line and tape, we were able to accomplish exactly what the client wanted.

Another important item to show was the “Shock Absorber”. The tightly packed black strap next to the small hook. In case of a fall, the black elastic strap deploys, given a predetermined amount of pull force, softening the end of the fall of the individual. Abrupt deceleration at the end of a fall can be cause injuries, so extending the deceleration time is much easier on the falling body.

This shock absorbing lanyard is attached to the harness by the the small forged aluminum snap hook worn by the worker. Then, the two forged aluminum rebar hooks are attached to a pipe, scaffolding or other stationary point. Then, if the worker needs to move, he or she would travel several steps, attach the other large hook to a new point, and then detach the original one at the previous location. This way the person is always anchored.

How’s that for an explanation of how this product we photographed works!? We learned this and other interesting facts about safety gear during this shoot. Although the items don’t look very sexy, learning how they work, and the science behind their design was very interesting, and allowed us to do a better job at depicting the items, their key parts, their manufacture quality, etc.

We work with clients located in the Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire and the San Diego areas, either in our studio or at their location.