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Affordable Product Photography Orange County

As one of the best and affordable product photography studios Los Angeles and Orange County, California, we work with a very wide variety of products used and sold to everyday consumers, and also products that are very specific to industries with a limited market.

This light-duty safety harness was part of a product photography assignment for a client who manufactures safety equipment here in California to serve a variety of industries. It was photographed in “high key” style in our studio with the help of thin fishing line and heavy duty wire. Great care was taken to make sure all the buckles and rings showed well and that the angle provided for the best view. Later in Photoshop, we removed all traces of the fishing line and wire to give the item a look of being suspended.

The more we learn about a client’s product, especially those in specialized fields, better we can serve that client. The safety products industry must be concerned with federal, state and local regulations regarding safety gear and the types of safety equipment that insurance companies require policyholders to have their employees wear in order to be covered by insurance. I’m sure this client in particular has to carry a great deal of insurance because they manufacture safety equipment. The users of their products range from construction workers to theatrical riggers, including window washers, first responders, etc.

Barnet Photography’s product photography clients in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties know that we have their back. We consider ourselves as part of their team and our mission is to help them sell their product by producing the best photographs possible.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.