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Website Product Photography

We have extensive experience in product photography for a client’s website and this image of neonatal medical equipment is a good example. This respiratory pump and hose combination was photographed on a tabletop set at our studio in Santa Ana, CA. At Barnet Photography we often do product photography on a tabletop set when several items of approximately the same size, usually shoebox size or smaller, are photographed for the same assignment. To optimize the light, and make the best use of time possible, we group the items to be photographed by size and surface material., the latter having to do with reflections that may need further consideration.

Photographing reflective, mirror-like surfaces is challenging because these surfaces bounce light and behave as a mirrors. We have ways of working with reflectors that will minimize any reflections, leaving the surfaces of the object clean and non-distracting. Proper planning and getting the images to look good out of camera can minimize post production time and expense. Barnet Photography is known for their attention to detail, quality and for being a cost effective solution for all their clients.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.