Cosmetic Product Photography
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Cosmetic Product Photography

At Barnet Photography, we specialize in cosmetic product photography and can handle challenging surfaces such as this highly reflective gold cap.

Photographing objects like this skin care product in a glass bottle can be challenging when they have shiny caps because they are so reflective. What is really happening is that you’re taking a photograph of whatever is reflecting off the subject. In addition, when the reflective surface is round you have even more of a challenge. So, we have a choice to make: Do we tweak the large light boxes and the white and silver reflectors all around the item on our table top set for each item to get the perfect image, where each part of the item; the reflective top, and the reflective gold writing on the round bottle look perfect in one shot, or, do we shoot with a “composite” end product in mind?

Usually, getting the image right in one shot saves time, however, in the case of an item, where if one part looks great the other won’t, it’s more time (and cost) efficient if we intentionally get a good shot of one part, in this case, the bottle with the gold writing going around it, and then other shots where the left and then the right side of the gold cap look good, with a few up and down reflections here and there to make it look realistic, then we blend it all together in post production.

Of course, all the photographs of each item were taken with the camera on a very solid tripod and without moving the product to insure that each photo would have the product in exactly the same spot on the frame. We always photograph product “tethered”, so the small image in the back of the camera is also displayed in a 60” monitor. This lets us make sure everything is looking perfect. At Barnet Photography we specialize in challenging product photography. With the experience we have doing this kind of work, we can quickly devise ways to solve problems and the faster we can produce beautiful final images for our clients that depict their products exactly as they had envisioned.

This was photographed at Barnet Photography studio in Santa Ana, California, specializing in Product Photography and serving Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.