Top Product Photography in Los Angeles
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Top Product Photography in Los Angeles

At Barnet Photography we offer the top product photography Los Angeles and Orange County has to offer and we go the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectations. We photographed this bag in our studio in Santa Ana, CA, where a white, seamless paper background was used. We do most of our product photography there, unless our product photography clients request that we go to their location. We often to go to the client’s location because transporting their products may not be feasible, and / or we may want to use other props in the photo that they may have in their warehouse.

This duffle bag was given to us folded in a plastic bag, and we had to photograph it in a way that the customer could envision how it looks and works. Preparing the item to be photographed and placing it at the proper angle is just as important as the right lighting. As experts in our field, we know how to do this right.

Keeping all your rigging equipment in one safe place is essential to the job and this black canvas carrying bag was made exactly for that purpose. Usually, there are accessories like safety straps, gloves, helmets, etc. that must be used, and keeping all this together is very important. That’s why our client created this handy duffle bag.

The carrying bag was probably the least challenging item in this assignment. Being all black, and non-reflecting, it was only a matter of showing detail in the shadows. The only thing we would have added to this image would have been a recognizable item next to it, like a safety helmet, or a pair of gloves. This would have given a sense of the bag’s size to the viewer but the client needed to have this bag shown alone.

Barnet Photography serves product photography clients all around Orange County, CA. Including the Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, San Diego and Inland Empire areas.