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The photography for automotive parts such as this line of aftermarket wheels is like photographing mirrors. It can be very challenging, especially in a dusty warehouse with lots of items all around to reflect off the chrome. Years of experience allow us to solve problems such as unwanted reflections by using the right lighting and strategically placed reflectors. We use Profoto lighting gear, which is top in the industry and allows us to travel to our client’s location for the photo shoot. Normally we do Product Photography at our Studio in Costa Mesa, California. In this case, because many wheels were being photographed, we set up a studio set on location, right next to where the wheels were being finished. The images were used in a catalogue depicting our client’s products.

Chrome or “mag” wheels are one of the most popular aftermarket items purchased by car enthusiasts. No longer for only sports cars, Mag wheels come in an almost limitless number of styles, with new ones designed every day. The two main types are chromed steel and the more popular alloy kind; the latter being lighter and more popular. Many of these wheels are made of an alloy that includes magnesium, that’s where “Mags” comes from.

There are many manufacturers of this popular automotive product, large and small. We at Barnet Photography, specializing in product photography in Orange County, California, also serve Los Angeles and San Diego County.