Professional Product Photography
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Professional Product Photography

The client on this assignment was redoing their website and was in need of professional product photography so we were more than happy to help them. We produced many other images for this client as part of this studio session, with this one depicting the most widely sold container size and most popular appliance for its use. This product was photographed on white reflective Plexiglas with a slight reflection below the items. The main challenge here was to show the empty, see-through plastic reservoir with the quantity markings, and, in the same image, show detail on the high gloss black plastic dispenser. This required a little planning and this image is a composite of two or three images photographed at different exposures to show highlights and detail in the white and see-through items as well as in the reflective black ones. This procedure, involving postproduction, sounds more complicated and time consuming than one single capture but, if photographed correctly, it is the fastest and least expensive way to photograph this product with detail in the dark and light areas.

This assignment was photographed at our studio in Orange County, California. In this image, we are depicting a container with the client’s product along with an appliance used in conjunction with a hose to dispense the product, mixed with water at high pressure. On the left is the reservoir in which to put the product and on the right is the screw on top with a nozzle for the hose and a green dial to regulate the amount of product that is dispensed. Salt-Away manufactures a liquid desalinization product used to remove salt from industrial equipment, boats, roads, etc., They have customers all over the world and we were honored to be their photographer of choice.

Barnet Photography provides professional product photography to our clients based primarily in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County, California.