Product Photography on Location Orange County
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Product Photography on Location Orange County

While our Orange County studio is well equipped for any product photography session, we are equally comfortable bringing our gear on location to serve our clients' needs. Our frequent collaborator Nisie's Enchanted Florist has an off shoot business where customers can go online and choose a bouquet of flowers to be shipped in a gift box. They hired us to photograph some examples for their website, and we traveled to their shop where all the gorgeous blooms were waiting. The set we created included a white surface and subtle marble patterned background that acted as excellent foils for the vibrant hues of the floral design.

Customers perusing the site are looking for accurate depictions of the items they will order, so capturing the exact quantity of flowers and how they are arranged was key. Since some of the arrangements come with vases and some do not, it was important to also get versions with both options. We always work with clients to bring the highest quality images that will cover all their display requirements. We are proud that we can offer our years of expertise to help make their online shops big successes.

Location: Los Alamitos, CA.