Best Photographer of Chocolate Candy
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Best Photographer of Chocolate Candy

Barnet Photography is the best choice for photography of edible product including chocolate candy. Based in Orange County, California, we specialize in all kinds of Product Photography. This photograph of a porcelain candy dish gift was made on white seamless paper background in our studio in Santa Ana.

The shadow was design to match other images of similar gift products our client already had in their website. By achieving this look in camera with studio lighting, we saved our client time, and the cost of “clipping” the images (digitally removing the product from the background) and adding artificial shadows in postproduction.

White on white images can be tricky, because it’s important to show “separation” between the white product and the white background while still keeping both looking white. The direction of the light is important to achieve this, and also important to create the shadow the client wanted.