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Men's Fashion Photography

The tuxedo is a timeless staple of men's fashion, and we love this modern color take on it--a fetching burgundy that adds a visual component perfect for photography. What was less than ideal was that this shot was one of the last of the day, and the light was fading. Couple that with the fact that we were in a fairly dark area of the courtyard and that the suits were rather dark--clearly some quick thinking was needed to ensure that no detail was lost. I walked backwards ahead of the models(with a spotter so I wouldn't trip) keeping them in focus as an assistant walked on my right with a radio triggered flash in a soft box. This added light to the models to show detail on the clothing and balance the background.

Lots of different skills come into play when working under pressure on location. Our clients can rest assured that Barnet Photography has the expertise and experience to deliver a beautiful product in spite of challenging conditions.

Location: San Clemente, CA.