Commercial Product Photography
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Commercial Product Photography

There are many different types of photography – but we think commercial product photography is one of the most interesting and unique types of photography. Being a seasoned photographer with years of experience is crucial to make ordinary product look extraordinary and that is our specialty here at Barnet Photography.

The products we photograph must look better than that of its competitor and be depicted accurately, with plenty of detail to show all its important parts and characteristics so that the user of that product can be attracted to it and make an informed purchase. Items like this desalinating product dispenser, shot on reflective Plexiglas is a good example of how we made an ordinary item look beautiful. This dispenser of a desalinating product, made of see-through and high gloss black plastics are photographed differently than jewelry, clothing or sports gear might be. Those items have a wider range of users, are more of a luxury or recreational nature and compete in the market place in a very different way than this common but very useful product. Here, the goal is to sell this product to someone that more than likely has made the decision to buy it, but needs to choose the exact dispenser, from several available, that will suit his or her needs best. Also, this is something “you need” to use the actual product our client manufactures, so it is actually an accessory rather than the product itself.

We at Barnet Photography help our commercial product photography clients, especially those not working with an ad agency, choose the type and style of images that will best depict their products and services. This is one of the reasons we have many regular clients that we serve on a continuing basis.