Studio Product Photography Using Acrylic box
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Studio Product Photography Using Acrylic box

One of our Product Photography clients sell beautifully presented gifts, that include flower arrangements, candy and other personal items in custom-made acrylic boxes.

These studio product photography images are used for online sales on this client’s website where the customer can select each item to go in a small, medium or large box. The small flower arrangements are enclosed in acrylic boxes with transparent lids with small holes for breathability. One of the challenges here is to show that the product does have a transparent lid, without having unwanted reflections on the flat Plexiglass.

When we photograph products on white seamless backgrounds or other surfaces, our clients have the option of having their final images “clipped” (digitally separated from the background) or to use them as they were photographed. This client wanted a slight shadow, which I think is nice, because it adds dimension and grounds the item. We at Barnet Photography like to photograph our products as close to what the final image will be, creating a slight shadow and eliminating unwanted reflections by using the right lighting and camera angle. This avoids the need for extensive post-production (Photoshop) and saves our clients time and money.

Location: Santa Ana, CA.