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Product Photography Orange County

In order to provide the best product photography for our clients in Los Angeles and Orange County, we always ask lots of questions before or during the shoot, especially if we’re not familiar with the products we are photographing. Many times, information about the product will suggest a different angle, close up, or the inclusion of an accessory in the photograph. The fact that the straps and hooks were both black in this item made it easier to photograph than if the hooks were shiny like in other safety products we photographed during this assignment. One small challenge was to eliminate the reflection off the plastic enclosing the shock absorbing component, and making the writing under it noticeable.

This stretch lanyard is used for a single worker, weighing under 310 lbs, (including the tools that may be on him or her). The length is 6 ft and the hooks on each end are snap hooks in black aluminum. This lanyard connects the safety harnesses worn in various dangerous jobs, to points of safety. The other important safety feature is the shock absorber. This is the tightly packed strap close to one of the hooks. This “pack” is designed to release under a measured amount of stress, and will slow down the deceleration of a falling person thus avoiding the sudden jolt. It has a tensile strength of 5000 lbs. This particular product was designed to be used by a person who does not need to travel very far during the time he or she is tethered. One end is clipped to the safety harness and the other to a stationary point like the rail of a basket on a scissor lift or cherry picker. There are two special features here that needed to be well illustrated; the shock absorbing packet and the “stretchy” part that gives the wearer a little give when moving around, without the longer lanyard getting in the way.

This important piece of safety gar was photographed in our studio in Santa Ana, California. Barnet Photography specializes in top product photography and serves a wide variety of business clients, mostly manufacturers, in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego areas.