Lambo Gallardo Portrait
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Lambo Gallardo Portrait

Lambo Gallardo portrait done at the Segerstrom Center in Costa Mesa, CA. This beautiful Lamborghini was photographed for the owner just before he traded it in for a different model. As a love letter to the beautiful vehicle, we designed a small album with the images from this shoot. We asked permission to use this area to “pose" the car in different spots and shot the heck out of it in less than 2 hours. A little off camera lighting was used for some of the images, but it was mostly available light and nice, realistic, post production. The yellow color of the car and finding an area with open shade were key to capturing more good images in a short amount of time. The high angle, from a balcony, the cropping and the pavement design really make this image. Doing a portrait of a car, with or without the owner(s) is totally different than shooting cars on a track, pit area action or garage activity at a race. The portrait requires making sure that the car is at least clean and shiny, looking for the best angles and backgrounds and choosing the best focal length for the shot you’re after. Don’t hesitate to have the owner move the car even a little bit and straighten or turn the wheels for each shot. Plain backgrounds work best, you don’t have panning to help you blur the background and a shallow depth of field may not get the entire car in focus when you want it to be. And again, low and high angles are usually more interesting than eye level shots.

Location: Costa Mesa, CA.