Porsche Motorsports Photographer
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Porsche Motorsports Photographer

As both a Porsche enthusiast and long time photographer, it's truly a dream come true to attend motorsports events and be paid to document this thrilling sport! Here is a cover image we shot for the March 2018 issue of Pando Magazine, the official monthly publication of the Porsche Club of America OCR. It was taken at one of the garage buildings during the 2018 Festival of Speed Club racing weekend at the Auto Club Race Track in Fontana, California.

Many types of cars take part in these races. The one in the foreground is one of the top "Cup Cars” participating last year, while the next one over is in a different category, closer to a street legal race car. With so much variety in the types of vehicles one can find at these events, there are also many different ways they arrive there. Some drive to the Speedway in the car they are going to race, and others bring an 18 wheeler tractor and trailer with two cars, spares and a large crew. Either way, these impressive machines always make a grand entrance!

Location: Fontana, CA.