Porsche Club of America Photography
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Porsche Club of America Photography

This cover of the June 2017 issue of Pando, the official monthly magazine of the Porsche Club of America OCR, was one of many that Barnet Photography shot for the publication. This image was captured at the Automobile Club Race Track in Fontana, CA during the 2017 Festival of Speed weekend. This 911 is a Cup Car owned by a very serious enthusiast who races it himself at Club Racing events. A “Cup Car” is a limited edition car purchased directly from Porsche through a US dealer by qualified and approved individuals that has a racing engine and transmission in it from the factory and many other racing components like suspension, etc. Much of the body, including the doors, is made of carbon fiber to minimize weight. To that end, plexiglass, instead of glass, is used. They also come with a serious roll cage. They do not have, however, much in the way of creature comforts--not even seats. Someone who purchases a car like this for about one million dollars, will add their own racing seat and other interior components like a driver cooling system (ice water flowing through the fire retardant undergarments of the driver), a 2 way radio radio communication system and other customized items. This photo was taken as the car came into Pit Row from the track. The Pit Row entrance is right after a left turn so the background is the raising banked track around the turn. The track is aggressively banked in this area to allow for much higher speeds around the turns. This image was captured with a Nikon D3s and a 200-400 f4 Nikkor zoom.

Location: Fontana, CA.