Old El Toro Marine Base Auto X Track Images
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Old El Toro Marine Base Auto X Track Images

We love working on images like this one featuring a gorgeous 911, zooming around at the Old El Toro Marine Base Auto X track. Porsche’s philosophy since the brand unveiled its first car is to make daily driver cars that can be raced on the weekends. This owner made visible modifications like a racing seat and a full roll cage. The suspension has also been visibly altered. No doubt there are also modifications in the power train, but, as long as the exhaust is not much louder than factory specs, this car can be driven to work everyday. Some of the AutoX regulars even bring a set of racing tires for the car to wear during the event and then change back to street tires for the drive home.

Panning (and the red color of the vehicle) really make this photo effective...without it the background would not allow the car to stand out as much as it does. This technique does require lots of practice--the longer the lens, and the slower the shutter speed the better the results, but the more difficult it is to really nail it.

This driver also invested in an attractive magnetized or stick-on number instead of using blue masking tape. This is the best way to improve the odds of your car being photographed :-)

Location: Irvine, CA.