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Porsche Motorsports Photography

One of many motorsports jobs Barnet Photography shot for Pando Magazine, the official monthly publication of the Porsche Club of America OCR. This February 2018 issue featured our two page spread of images taken at the Auto X race day at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. Such spreads are extra fun to shoot because of the storytelling aspect, beyond just photographing the cars on track. But they are not without challenges--in this case, the backgrounds were not very pretty for the most part, and they were quite busy. And yet, connecting the cars with the location is key, in that it increases the chances that the work be included in the magazine. That is why shots like the one with the big "A" logo from the stadium or the giant Angels cap are important to capture--even if there is no car present, it gives a sense of place. Showing yellow vested volunteers in some of the photos is also a good idea to add more flavor to the story. Andwhen the background is very distracting, there's always panning, which worked wonders on the image with car #1854.

Location: Anaheim, CA.