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Motorsports Photographer

As a lover of all things motorsports and a former aerospace photographer, the mechanics of beautiful cars and how to best capture them is a constant source of fascination. This iconic Porsche 356 coupe underwent the unimaginable for hard core aficionados. It was not just meticulously restored it was MODIFIED! Please God, don’t let it be so!...

No,I actually think it’s great! The car was modernized in many ways, but still retains the soul of a 356, only badder and faster. I like the clean look of the unmistakable rear with the no bumper. The owner raced this beautiful 356 on the runway of the old El Toro Marine base in Irvine. CA. Because this is a somewhat “dirty track”, with small pebbles, dust and so on, the owner protected the beautiful paint job with tape around the fenders and front end. Thankfully, he used gray tape to match the paint. I didn’t have a circular polarizer with me when I made this image--if I had used one, I would have reduced or eliminated the reflections on the side of the car.

These vehicles are such beauties on their own, so it's a special challenge and honor to make sure that beauty shows up truly in every image.

Location: Irvine, CA.