Image of Carlos Reutemann Long Beach, CA
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Image of Carlos Reutemann Long Beach, CA

This image shows Carlos Reutemnann in his Ferrari on practice day at the Grand Prix Formula 1 race in Long Beach, California. Here, one of the crew members is adjusting the communications hook up that allows the drivers to talk with the Pit crew. This image was less about the iconic red Ferrari, and more about revealing the intense activity that goes on during such an event. For that reason, a photojournalistic black and white aesthetic for processing seemed like the best bet, and it also gives the image a vintage yet timeless quality. Had the image been in color, the flashy hue of the car would have distracted the viewer from the story of the activity, not allowing them to "look around" the image. Though cars are certainly the draw of Formula 1, all that goes into making a successful race is equally fascinating.

Location: Long Beach, CA.