Autocross Event Photography
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Autocross Event Photography

Barnet Photography captured this beautifully modified Classic Porsche 356 cab, customized for racing, at an Auto X event at the old El Toro Marine Base’s runway course. The view to the North had very nice mountains in the background, but the other side had many more distracting structures, like old airplane hangars and construction equipment--among other things. These can be minimized with panning (which was used to blur the wheels), but for this classic car I wanted a background that would be the same if it was photographed the year this car was built in the late 50’s. To achieve this and to eliminate the elements I didn't want to be there, I used a shallow depth of field to keep the background mostly out of focus. Additionally, in post, we did remove some poles and small structures for a cleaner look.

I’m very happy that this 356 collector drives his cars as they were meant to and was not afraid to “ruin” the original car with safety modifications like the roll bar...and judging by the sound and performance, a little help with the power plant and suspension.

Location: Irvine, CA.