Jody Scheckter in his Ferrari
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Jody Scheckter in his Ferrari

We love this dynamic photo of Jody Scheckter in his Ferrari, entering a hairpin right turn on Shoreline Drive in Long Beach. Years ago, the Grand Prix Formula 1 Race was held in Long Beach, California. For several days many areas of the neighborhood were sectioned off for race routes, and fans from all over the world would come to watch their favorite drivers, like Scheckter, so what they do best.

When cars brake for a turn, it's a good time to photograph them. Even at a fairly high shutter speed, the wheels, the fastest parts of the car, will have a little motion blur. From a visual standpoint, this is very desirable. Otherwise the car can looked as if it is not moving! As photographers with several years of experience documenting racing, we know what it takes to get the most exciting shots of the action.

Location: Long Beach, CA.