Renault Elf Formula 1 Race Car Image
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Renault Elf Formula 1 Race Car Image

Barnet Photography captured this image of a Renault Elf Formula 1 race car during an event at a Long Beach Grand Prix race weekend. When documenting such an event, it's important to show the crowded stands when possible, and a low angle helped accomplish that here. With oncoming cars panning is not very helpful, so one must use a fast shutter speed in order to get the car in focus. Pre-focusing on a particular spot and waiting for the car to hit it is the best way to go in this situation.

Formula 1 drivers are the best in the world and that helps the photographer because unless there’s a crowd, each driver will follow the "race line" and hit the same spot at every curve. That means we can be ready for them, which means we get great shots like this one.

Location: Long Beach, CA.